Cer-te Review

This midtown lunch spot has a great selection of interesting sandwiches among many other items. On a recent lunch outing in the midtown area, I decided to drop by Cer Te to try the “Chubby Chinese Girl” Sandwich. No, no, this isn’t meant to be racist, but is in fact an ode to the creator of this sandwich who happens to write a blog of the same name.

This was all due to the Midtown Lunch Sandwich Challenge which she obviously won. Originally it was only to last for the month of February, but it now has been extended to a Thursday special.

What’s in this sandwich? Take a grilled baguette with hoisin sauce, add pickled cucumber, add pickled radish, add cilantro, add duck breast marinated in soy sauce and citrus. The result? It’s quite delicious, and they are quite generous with the duck which was a pleasant surprise. They also add some sort of hot sauce for a nice kick. For $9.74, I say I would consider getting it again. It’s definitely not the cheapest lunch in the area, but I’m satisfied.

For other amazing sandwiches, check out Cer-Te:
Cer Te
20 West 55th Street
New York, NY 10019

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