Holiday Windows in New York City 2010

It’s that time of the year, and we have completed our yearly holiday hike looking at the major holiday windows around the city. Here is our roundup after following the map here loosely: Map

Off the map, we started at Columbus Circle in the Time Warner Center (58th Street and 8th Ave.) with their holiday stars in the lobby. If you’ve been there prior years, it’s similar with “stars” that are multi-paneled and change in sync with Christmas songs in a multi-colored display. They play hourly until 5 pm, after which, they play continuously. One of the greatest advantages here is that you can enjoy the warmth indoors.

Columbus Circle Stars

This was one of the disappointing holiday windows though they are owned by Macy’s which is more well known for their windows. You can tell the investment went into the Macy’s brand and tradition. Most sides didn’t contain much, and the most prominent displays were on the Lexington Avenue side which were basically a bunch of flat panel TVs. You can skip it though if you are there, check out Forty Carrots inside for some great frozen yogurt.

Bloomingdale's Christmas Window New York City

They know how to speak to the foodies in this world. The Christmas windows consisted of Food Network stars and other top chefs in the area. The scenes are amusing though maybe the creator wasn’t a Batali fan.

Barneys Christmas Window New York City

There is definitely an explorer theme with these windows which were interesting. Though it wasn’t the most dynamic, they had some nice looking displays. They would get the stylish award from us.

Bergdorf Goodman Christmas Window New York City

This is a classic which will never go out of style. One of the most well known and largest Christmas trees in New York City. Though the lines are insane for the Rockefeller Skating Rink, it’s a nice part of the scenery even if you aren’t skating. Expect to see large crowds of tourists for this worthwhile sight.

Take a look at the view from Top of the Rock while you are here: Info on Top of the Rock Observation Deck

Rockefeller Christmas Tree New York City

Saks give you the most bang for your buck by having a projector light show on the face of the building on the 5th Avenue side. This years theme is the snowflake and the bubble. In addition, they have Christmas windows which were decent though not as great as prior years. For the Lady Gaga fans, they do have a window with one of the dresses she wore.

Saks Christmas Show New York CitySaks Christmas Window New York City

This is the WINNER of’s best Christmas window. This one has a nice element of nostalgia, detailed elements, and a dynamic display with a lot of action. The theme was to contrast an “older” Christmas scene with a “modern” Christmas scene such as the two below by morphing from one to the other with displays of the garage, kitchen, and more. It’s a great one for both the young and the old.

Lord & Taylor Christmas Window Older New York CityLord & Taylor Christmas Window Modern New York City

Of course there is Macy’s which is perhaps the most well known Christmas window. As usual, there were the Miracle on 34th Street windows, and the rotating windows showed a few various scenes though frankly, they were quite slow. It took quite a while for the rotation to happen that we were bored waiting for the scene to change. In this Internet age, we don’t want to wait around too long waiting for scenes to shift.

Macy's Christmas Window New York City

Though there may have been some budget cuts, the windows are definitely fun with the family as well as with friends. Go out and enjoy but definitely make sure you stop by the Lord & Taylor display.

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