Uniqlo 10 Dollar Jeans

For those who missed it, Uniqlo’s flagship store in New York City opened last Friday at 5th Avenue and 53rd Street with some great bargains including the $10 jeans. The quality is quite good and comparable to any other jeans you can find out there. For the women, they offer a skinny pair and for guys, it is a regular straight fit.

This isn’t a normal item and was only available for the grand opening. For those who missed it, fear not, you actually have one more shot if you can’t find your size at the flagship store as the 34th Street between 5th and 6th Avenue store is opening this Friday October 21 at noon.

Other specials include lightweight down parka for $60, heat tech specials, cashmere sweater special, etc. You can see the specials currently at their homepage at uniqlo.com.

One note about the men’s jeans is that they are actually fairly tight compared to other jeans that call themselves straight fit. So, if you have big legs…or I may even say bigger than skinny legs, you may not like these jeans if you don’t like them tight. Try it out though and hopefully you’ll like them as the price is a steal!

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