Holiday Windows in New York City 2012

Happy Holidays everyone! We did our yearly holiday hike earlier in the year but apologies for getting this posted a bit late. Holiday windows in NYC was once again quite a bit of fun. Our hike follows the map here loosely: Map

The Lincoln Center tree this year is once again located at Dante Park across the street from Lincoln Center at Columbus between 63rd and 64th street. The picture was taken during the lighting of the tree so it does not look as big as it is, but this is still a smaller tree than Rockefeller Center’s tree.

Lincoln Center Christmas Tree

From Lincoln Center, you can walk on down south to Columbus Circle in the Time Warner Center (58th Street and 8th Ave.) to see the holiday stars in the lobby. No change here since last year. This is a display where “stars” that are multi-paneled change colors in sync with Christmas songs. This is a great place to warm up indoors.

Columbus Circle Stars

The next stop is heading way east to Bloomingdale’s which is at 59th Street between Lexington Avenue and 3rd Avenue. If the walk is too far, you can pick up a crosstown bus (M31 or M57) on 57th Street using a Metro Card. If you’re there during the right hours, go in and check out Forty Carrots inside for some great frozen yogurt.

As with last year, the windows have an interactive area where you can get your picture captured with cameras you can trigger from the outside. The other windows show a Cirque du Soleil theme which is ok but not as exciting as last year in our opinion.

Bloomingdales Christmas Window New York City 1

People getting their pictures taken.
Bloomingdales Christmas Window New York City 2

Barneys is located on 61st Street and Madison Avenue a short walk away from Bloomingdales. This one is very disappointing this year as they chose a Disney theme called Electric Holiday. When we went by there were only TV screens showing neon lights dancing. There is a short video starring Minnie Mouse, but it wasn’t on when we walked by, but you can catch the clip online.

Barneys Christmas Window New York City 1

Not really a part of the hike but just for fun, we saw the Apple Store on 5th Avenue was lit up in red rather than white for the holidays.

Apple Store New York

Bergdorf Goodman is on 5th Avenue between 57th Street and 58th Street. Bergdorf had a Follies of 2012 theme and once again, they really know how to do style. Another year of being one of the most stylish and best windows for adults though not as kid-fun.

This first windows is amazing showing a top-down perspective.
Begrdorf Christmas Window New York City 1

Begrdorf Christmas Window New York City 2

Begrdorf Christmas Window New York City 3

Yet another big tree was brought out for Rockefeller Center. This is the must-do Christmas activity since it is one of the most well known and largest Christmas trees in New York City. You can overlook the Rockefeller Center skating rink for a great view of both. Though the lines can be long, you can even ice skate there! Otherwise, you can try other ice skating rinks. See our recommended rinks here: New York Christmas 2012 Activities. Expect to see large crowds of tourists for this worthwhile sight.

Take a look at the view from Top of the Rock while you are here: Info on Top of the Rock Observation Deck

Rockefeller Christmas Tree New York City

Saks is obviously on Fifth Avenue between 49th Street and 50th Street. Right across the street from the Lincoln Center tree, they have set up another projector light show along with their holiday windows. They project the show on the face of the building on the 5th Avenue side.

They once again have some stylish mannequins mixed with various scenes.

Saks Christmas Window New York City 1

Saks Christmas Window New York City 2

Lord & Taylor is on 5th Avenue between 38th Street and 39th Street. It’s great to see Lord & Taylor back in the game with some nice windows with a “Wish for Tradition” theme celebrating 75 years of their animated windows. They always seem to do a nice dollhouse type window. The windows were quite beautiful and one of our favorites.

Lord & Taylor Christmas Window 2012 1

Lord & Taylor Christmas Window 2012 2

Lord & Taylor Christmas Window 2012 3

Ok, so these aren’t windows either, but we stopped by Bryant Park on the way to look at the ice skaters and see the tree they put up there. Stop by for some Holiday Shopping, ice skating, and grabbing a drink.

Lord & Taylor Christmas Window 2012 1

Macy’s on 34th Street and 6th Avenue has some nice windows showing the Magic of Christmas.

There is a two-sided theme as always with the 6th Avenue side being the most interesting as always, but with some scenes on 34th Street as well. They are sponsors for the Make-A-Wish Foundation and have a nice display showing many children’s wishes. The magic part seems to showcase different parts of New York such as historical styles, Macys store, holiday parades, and more.

The 34th Street side is so-so like last year showing a TV character from a CBS Special, Yes, Virginia.

Macy's Christmas Window New York City 1

Macy's Christmas Window New York City 2

Macy's Christmas Window New York City 3

Macy's Christmas Window New York City 4

Macy's Christmas Window New York City 5

Dress warmly, wear comfortable shoes, and get ready for some fun windows. Definitely stop by Rockefeller Center, Bergdorf Goodman, and Lord & Taylor for some of the best this year! For best family fun, our winner is Lord & Taylor. For most stylish and interesting for adults, once again we like Bergdorf Goodman.

Have a happy holiday and happy new year!

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