NYC New Years Eve

New Years Eve is one of the many iconic moments in New York City with many eyes locked into Times Square counting down the ball drop. For the enthusiastic, waiting in Times Square for hours in the freezing cold without convenient access to restrooms surrounded by drunk people is an experience to remember.

For others, they wander to expensive black tie parties to celebrate another year. Others just enjoy getting away from the crowds and spending it with friends and family. However you want to celebrate, look below for NYC New Years Eve tips.

- Location: ball drops from flagpole at top of One Times Square. Best spots are along Broadway from 43rd to 50th Street or on 7th Avenue up to 59th Street.

- Streets: closed to traffic depending on when people show up. It is best to enter from 6th or 8th Ave. Please note that sections will start being closed up pushing people more and more north. So, if you really want to get in the square, go early! Most people say that by 2 or 3 PM, the main square is closed off.

- Drinks: NO ALCOHOL ALLOWED. Police will confiscate and possibly fine. Of course, people try to get creative, but you are warned!

- Food: No vendors allowed in the area. To avoid crowds, some book reservations with restaurants with views early in advance with hope to get a table with a view.

- Bathrooms: Well, there are no portable restrooms provided. You can try places like Starbucks or McDonalds Oor Times Square visitor center (closes early), but once you leave your area, you actually may not be allowed back in! Be careful to stay hydrated though. People have been known to wear adult incontinence products...or try to discreetly use a bottle for some men.

- Anything else?: Dress warmly if it's a cold night. Many people say all the trouble above is not worth it. Others love the experience! There is always the less adventurous option of watching it on TV or on the web.

It seems that it's impossible not to find a party on one of the biggest nights out. The most important thing is to celebrate with your friends or family at a spot that has the vibe you want. You not into a mellow vibe or overly raucous crowd? Do your research before you commit to a spot. This is a big money maker for many bars and restaurants with many charging cover of over $100 though often it comes with an open bar.

If you want to party in a spot in Times Square, here are a few places: Times Square Parties


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