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New York City and buses. This is a great and essential way to get around for the residents. It may be intimidating for tourists, but it isn't too hard to learn. Take a look to find information on buses to get into, around, and out of New York.

For those looking for bus tours, take a look at the following 48 hour pass to ride a tour bus:

Discount Buses to and from New York City

There are a few discount bus lines which run between Boston and New York at very cheap prices (some starting at $1, but typically ~$20 one way), especially when compared to airplanes and trains. All in all, the experience on buses seem to be the luck of the draw. Everyone has a nightmare story no matter which bus line.

Bus Line
Web Site
Bolt BusBoston, Philadelphia, Washington DC seat, Free Wireless Internet, Power OutletsClean, reasonably priced, and free Internet and power outlets make the trip even faster.
MegabusAtlantic City, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington DC, and more (check site for details) seat, Free Wireless InternetClean, reasonably priced, and free Internet.
Lucky Star BusBoston bus running from Chinatown. Some complain about bad service, others have had no problems.
Fung Wah BusBostonhttp://www.fungwahbus.comCheapOne of the original discount buses running from Chinatown. Some complain about bad service, others love the interesting experiences or had no problems.
Apex BusPhiladelphia, Washington DC, and more (check site) seatDiscount bus running from Chinatown. Some complain about bad service, others have had no problems.
DC2NY BusWashington DC Internet, guaranteed seat, can reschedule, member discountsGood service and free Internet.
Todays BusPhiladelphia, Washington DC, and more (check site)
New CenturyPhiladelphia, Washington DC
Vamoose BusBethesda, MD / Arlington, VA DC stops.

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Luxury Bus - Travel between New York City and Boston

For a few years now, there has been the LimoLiner bus service at premium prices but at a discount compared to the train and airplane with which it competes primarily with. It is a good alternative, especially for business travelers who don't want to deal with the hassle of the airport or the price of the train. It is also good for the well-to-do who don't like the discount bus experience

It is quite similar to a flying experience in that you can book specific seats, there is an onboard attendent, there are movies showing, and food is served. Extra bonuses though are the power outlets, the wireless Internet, leather seats with 2 arm rests per person, cell-free zones, and clean washrooms. Aside from possible traffic disruptions, this is a good alternative.


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