Macy’s New York City

Macy’s Herald Square is the flagship store located in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. It opened in 1902 and is one of the largest department stores in the world, spanning over 10 floors with a wide variety of products.

It is also famous for its annual Thanksgiving Day Parade, which passes by the store on its way down Broadway. The store’s interior features several notable architectural and design elements, such as the historic wooden escalators and the Art Deco-inspired cosmetics department.

With its central location and impressive size, Macy’s Herald Square is a major shopping destination for locals and tourists alike, offering a unique shopping experience that is quintessentially New York City.

Directions to Macy’s Herald Square

  • Driving Directions: Use Google Maps for directions.
  • Subway: Several lines stop there or are within an avenue of the B, D, F, M, N, Q, R, 1, 2, 3, A, C, and E lines.
  • Buses: Several bus stops are in the area. Use Google Maps for more details.