Car Services

Carmel Car & Limo- Best Service – Lowest Prices

Cabs used to be the easiest way to get around the city in a car but when companies like Uber and Lyft entered the scene, it changed the landscape. There have been car services in New York well before Uber and Lyft but these companies have pushed others to modernize with more convenient ways to book cars. Even cabs now can be hailed with an app with flat pricing. The list would be too long to share all car services available, but below are some popular ones. See our taxi page for cab information.

Car Services

For traveling around NYC and the surrounding area, these are some of the most convenient options though there are caveats. Some may charge more expensive prices than cabs especially during peak times. Others may have limitations on where they operate. Take a look below at some of the popular options.

Other Car Services

This is a partial list, but here are some other services to book a car whether to the airport or around town.