NYC Subway Information

In order to get the true New York experience, you must ride the subway. You can rub shoulders with all sorts of New Yorkers (and tourists) which makes for interesting people watching. For both locals and tourists, sometimes it can get confusing, but there are a lot of great tools to help. Here are a few key tips:

The MTA (Metropolitan Transit Authority) is the official company operating the subway. Their website and app provides good information on the status of the train as well as real-time arrival information.

MTA fare details

  • Google maps typically provides the best directions
    • We recommend clicking on the view larger map to open Google maps in a new window
    • In the new window, if you roll over the layers icon on the lower left, you can choose transit to visualize the subway lines
    • In the left menu, choose directions. Then you can choose the transit button with the train icon. Finally put in your location and destination for Google map directions using public transportation
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for directions (but do double-check as people don’t always know what they’re saying)
  • Late at night, it can take a while for trains (20-30 mins) to come depending on your timing. Check the real-time arrival details.
  • Look for signs in the station and listen to announcements for any changes in schedule or routing.
  • Download and/or print maps to carry with you. You can typically get cell service
  • Stay safe! Don’t stand at the platform edge and be aware of your surroundings.