Saks Fifth Avenue

Saks Fifth Avenue is a luxury department store located in Midtown Manhattan. Founded in 1924, the flagship store is across from Rockefeller Center and offers a wide range of high-end fashion, accessories, beauty products, and home goods.

Saks Fifth Avenue is divided into several departments, each offering a unique shopping experience. The shoe floor has its own ZIP code (10022-SHOE)!

With its prime location in Midtown Manhattan and its reputation for luxury and sophistication, Saks Fifth Avenue is a must-visit destination for upscale shoppers looking for a high-end shopping experience in New York City.

Directions to Saks Fifth Avenue

  • Driving Directions: Use Google Maps for directions.
  • Subway: Several lines stop in the area including B, D, F, M, and E lines.
  • Buses: Several bus stops are in the area. Use Google Maps for more details.