Pickleball Popularity Growing: Where to Play in NYC

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Pickleball is America’s fastest-growing sport but due to its relative newness, it can be quite difficult to find a place to play especially in a city like New York. Of course, there are tennis courts around the city, but there can be frustrations with tennis players wanting to utilize the same courts. We are now seeing a rise of places to play though. For the uninitiated, pickleball was invented in 1965 as a children’s backyard game on Bainbridge Island, Washington, US. It is now much more than just a children’s game. NY Times profiled why it is so popular.

Photo by Ben Hershey on Unsplash

One of the most exciting new announcements is that over the summer, Central Park’s Wollman Rink will convert to the largest pickleball installation with 14 courts! This will run from April 7 to October 9 from the hours of 7 AM to 9 PM every day. This is a partnership that CityPickle, which is the first indoor pickleball club in NYC, has established with Wollman Park Partners. Stay tuned on how to book the courts at the CityPickle web site. They also list other locations where you can play.

Other resources to help you find a place to play:

Go and have fun!

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